The Blood of a Poet (1931), dir. Jean Cocteau


Composition 498 by Chad Wys

'The Origin Of Monsters' Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker for Love Spring/Summer 2012

Picasso’s “Guernica” in Tokyo, Japan

Untitled by (x)99

Having half a bottle of gin and scalpels in my room is not a good idea when I feel the anxiety coming. I need someone. Something.

Lil something I did today
you only tell one side of the story, israel is being attacked and is responding to those attacks and all you're doing is standing up for arabs by Anonymous


If Israel was being pummeled by military grade missiles, flechette bombs, and white phosphorous on the regular and Israeli children on beaches were being “misidentified” as fleeing terrorist fighters and Israeli hospitals and U.N schools were being bombed and children and civilians by the masses were being ruthlessly and indiscriminately killed and their only power plant was being destroyed and their land was being occupied and 1000 people, over 75% of which were innocent civilians with no connection to militants and over 25% of which were children had been murdered by the Palestinian army I’d stand up for the Israel, I’d make a strenuous effort to shed light on their mistreatment, their deprivation of human rights—but it’s not like that, it’s Palestine that’s being indiscriminately attacked by missiles each day, it’s Palestinian hospitals that are being destroyed, it’s Palestinian families and children that are being killed by the IDF so I’ll talk about Palestine, I’ll support Palestine, I’ll stand for Palestine. 


Livio Scarpella
My hair is a mess in this heat

Nordic Pavilion, Sverr Fehn, 1962